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    Strategy & Planning

    Whether you have outgrown your existing application, or you are planning your first cloud application investment,  it takes time & effort to gain confidence in deciding what's next.  CarsonWhitfield condenses that process for you, by providing non-biased insights into the technology solutions available, and the best practices typically utilized to accomplish similar goals.  

    Project Management

    Implementing new applications, especially those that support the backbone of your business, requires skillful planning and execution.  Avoid costly mistakes and distractions by hiring CarsonWhitfield to manage the implementation for you, enabling you to remain productive to your practice. 


    Making disparate systems work together can be one of the biggest technology challenges for any firm.  CarsonWhitfield consultants have many years of experience architecting creative solutions that overcome the technical challenges of integration while ensuring users enjoy a seamless interface. 

    Custom Development

    Sometimes, one size just does not fit all when it comes to technology.  Although your business may not be unique, your execution of it certainly can be.  If your chosen systems need tweaking to support your unique style and process, our Salesforce certified developers and solution architects can provide customized features to support your individuality. 

    Managed Administration

    Often, our clients do not have the expertise in-house to support the administration of their matter management system, nor the desire and skill set to manage such resources effectively.  Outside of product support provided by the application providers, system administration can become an unwanted nuisance that often falls on a legal staff member who just happens to be a little more 'techie' than the rest.  Alternatively, outsourcing this role to us provides you a wider range of skills you can draw upon as needed without the overhead of permanent hires.  

    Self-Service Support Materials

    Paper manuals may have become a relic of the past, but documentation still exists in the cloud in the form of contextual help, instructional videos and intranet sites.  CarsonWhitfield can assist by authoring and maintaining a personalized wiki of your firms' practices, processes, and application use guidelines and linking it with relevant locations within your application.   This ensures all users get the same information, on demand and up-to-date every time. 

    "Kelly does a great job translating my scattered ideas and vision...

    ...into an efficient, scalable solution  for my ever-changing business." 

    -Partner, Kirkendall Dwyer, LLP